Hard Drives need data

Dropped hard drive – External hard drive is not turning on therefore not linking to computer to get the files. Speaking to http://24hourcomputerrepairs.com/ they tell me that part of the hard drive has snapped off. I’m wondering what can be done (if anything) to extract my data from the hard drive. I’ve plugged it in but it’s no longer recognised. I’ve tried the hard drive in a different computer to see if it made any effect but it still doesn’t show up.

Western Digital external hard drive. The USB connector has snapped off. I’ve also read that WD drives are encrypted so it’s not a “simple” solution of removing the HDD and placing it in another device. Do you have experience of WD external drives? Hard drive has been dropped – outer casing is intact but the drive isn’t picked up when i plug it in to USB

My “my passport” stopped working and started clicking/ticking. I’ve stored loads of photos from holidays on there unfortunately. I hope you can help recover them. Drive has been dropped whilst connected to computer – is no longer recognised when plugged in. rattles a little but when attached to computer it does power up.

Seagate Barracuda 7200.11, 1TB. Heads clicking, and device not recognised by BIOS. Firmware: SD15 Replacement HD with same firmware is available. HD is less than half full, and that includes Windows; just want the data back.

I try to recover my data on a 5big

External hard drive damage from dropping – temporary ticking noise when powered on.