History of Male Supplements

Early explorers of the New World brought back more than new products and aphrodisiacs according to Joyful News Out of The Newel Founded World by Nichols Monades. The physician from Seville, Spain, gave the following account in 1577:
In the year of our Lord God 1493, in the wars that the Catholic king had in Naples, with King Charles of France, that was called greater headed: in this time sir Christopher Colon came from the discoveries that he had made in the India’s. He brought a greater number of Indians, both men and women, which he carried with him to Naples, where the Catholic King was at that time, who had then concluded the wars, for that there was peace between the two. Learn more about male supplements at http://infospeak.org/?p=152 and http://thongchaimedical.org/?p=134
Kings, and the hostels did communicate together, the one with the other. And Colon being come tether with his Indians, the most part of them went with the fruit of their countries which was the Poxes (syphilis) the Spaniards began to have conversation with the Indian women, in such sorted, that the men and women of the India’s, did infected the Camped of the
Spaniards, Italians and Allmans the Catholic king had then of all these Nations, and there were many that was infected of the evil. And after the hostels did common together, the fire did kindle in the camp of the king of France: of the which did follow that in short time, the one and the other were infected to this evil seed: and from thence it hath spared abroad into all the world. Check out these new male supplements at http://swankyseven.com/?p=6
At the beginning it had diverse names: the Spaniards did think that it had been given them by the French men, and they called it the French evil. The French men thought that in Naples, and of them of the countries, the evil had been given them, and they called it the evil of Naples. And they of Calamine seeing that of the conversation of the Spaniards, they came to it, they called it the Spanish Scabbed, and other called it the Measles of the India’s, and with much truth, seeing that from thence came the evil.
Whether syphilis originated in the New World or not, ethno botany records of the American Indians contain more plants used to cure or mitigate venereal diseases than all other records. Indians, of course, could have sought plant remedies after contact with early explorers.
Procreation or sexual drive differs with races as well as individuals; nevertheless sex stimulants or rejuvenators appear to be important to most races. It is interesting that oriental records contain far more libido enhanching botanicals and animal substances thought to be aphrodisiacs than similar records of Europe or of the aboriginal races of the world. Dr. K.M. Nadkarni’s (East) Indian Material Medica (1950 ed.), lists more than 90 aphrodisiacs. It is perhaps a coincidence that China and India are the most densely populated regions of the world. Africans had many aphrodisiacs; however, many were mere charms.
American Indians appear to have been least concerned with sex stimulating plants according to ethno botany records. The aphrodisiac claims of Indian foods brought to Europe apparently were made by traders and soldiers of fortune who wished to turn their discoveries to gold. Sir Walter Raleigh took timely advantage of the frenzy over New World products by shipping many boat loads of a amorous “wonder drug” called sassafras to Europe. The aphrodisiac claims of cocaine, Muira-puama, Damien and other aphrodisiac botanicals probably originated from Spanish sources.

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