Her Attitude on Pheromones

I was talking to this girl…we checked each other out from far and she stood right next to me at the bar. I knew it was on. The vibe was quiet, I was struggling to find something to say, so there were a lot of pauses. But she escalated on me first, VERY SUBTLE LINGERING touch on my waist as I did the same to her. I LOOOOOOOVEEEEE those man, it’s like the “It’s On” moment. This is the power of real pheromones. Our conversation/personalities didnt really match. So if you looked at the verbal, you would have said it’s not on. But our body language was totally ON. Unfortunately, I was talking to my friend, who was next to me, while she was ordering her drink. Once she was done, she lingered for a second. I hesitated to re-engage and she was gone. FUCK!! Tried to re-engage later but she was in a birthday party, the mood was gone. Didn’t even get a chance to grab her contact info to get more pheromones. Anyways, what I realized is that in between her walking away and re-engaging, I COMPLETELY ignored the other opportunities in the venue. I was hung up on her. It made me restless, nervy and anxious. Lesson learned…I have to be more of a powerful lead…re-engage and no hesitation. Did a few approaches afterwards but nothing noteworthy of his real pheromone production. I met up with the girl i met the previous night for afterhours. She was with her friend and even though at first the vibe was nice, they got sucked into having their girl time and I didn’t really know what to do. I was standing there a little awkwardly, hesitating between giving them their space and wanting to have some time with my girl. Not good!! Again, I have to learn to LEAD hard, I have to BRING IT. I could have led those girls into having a bit more fun, telling them let’s do this or let’s do that. My natural state is very laid back and CHILLED but that’s not constructive for generating HARD attraction. All the good work I had done one on one with that girl vanished…at least it felt like it. They left without saying bye to me, and she didn’t reply to my facebook message today. Oh well, LIVE and learn. Use your pheromones wisely. What I am taking away from these life lessons are: -When a girl is into me, I need to LEAD and re-engage, not hesitate. She’s looking for direction -Instead of being passive and chilled and hesitant, lead the girls into an experience -When I start feeling like i’m not in control, I lose my energy – like when I am alone or I blew it with some girl. I start approaching the next girls from a place of neediness and “trying to get something” to prove my own worth, rather than having fun and enjoying. Learn more at http://astrobiosociety.org/category/pheromones/

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